U.K. Copyright law update.

Astronomy and Law

The United Kingdom has relaxed many of its copyright laws, that have been criticized as “archaic.”  The changes will impact a number of mediums, including computer games, paintings, photographs, films, books, and music.

Under pressure from various sources, including a report entitled “Modernising Copyright,” that was prepared in response to the Hargreaves Review of IP and Growth, commissioned by the Prime Minister and published in May 2011.  In the report, Professor Ian Hargreaves concluded that “The UK’s current system is falling behind what is needed, especially in the area of copyright.” He recommended that the UK needed “an approach to exceptions to copyright which encourages successful new digital technology businesses both within and beyond the creative industries.”

After consulting with a number of stakeholders in the intellectual property community, the U.K. government agreed stating that: “Bringing the law into line with ordinary people’s reasonable expectations will boost respect…

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One comment

  1. Farooq Bajwa

    Of course copyright laws are being relaxed because now with global communication at everyone’s fingertips copyright laws are laughable. It’s cute the way they think this matters, like they’re in control of something.

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