About The Blog

Exporting is more than the act of simply putting goods into a container to ship to another country, it is the continual cross-border exchange of people, ideas, information, and goods and services, which fuels today’s global economy. This global exchange has substantial intellectual property (IP) rights ramifications that directly impact businesses and individuals’ livelihoods.

The IP Exporter was created to provide a practical resource for businesses, exporters and individuals to understand and protect their IP rights in the global market. It is intended to give insight on IP and related legal issues involved in international trade and creating foreign markets for goods and services, from examining issues facing businesses in their day-to-day operations, to highlighting global trends and legislative developments that impact today’s global trade environment.

This blog is also intended to be a forum where businesses, practitioners and anyone with an interest in international trade or intellectual property can share insight on cross-border, international and trade-related IP issues. Legitimate comments and contributions are graciously welcomed to aid in the understanding of such issues.

Suggestions on topics and blog improvements as well as guest contributions are welcomed. Those who wish to be a guest contributor should submit an e-mail to lsmichels@theipexporter.com regarding your proposed topic.

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